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To you Game Changers out there

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The so-called ‘Black Sheep’ of the family are in fact
Seekers of liberating roads for the family tree
These rebels are family members who do not adapt to the rules
Or traditions of the family system

The ones who question and revolutionize beliefs
Who walk different directions to roads marked by family traditions
Those criticized, tried and even rejected
Those ‘outsiders’, they are called to release the tree of repetitive stories
That frustrate entire generations

The ‘Black Sheep’
Those who do not adapt
Those who scream rebel
They repair, detoxify and create a new and blooming branch

Countless unfulfilled desires, unfulfilled dreams and frustrated talents
Of our ancestors manifest themselves
In their rebellion taking place

The family tree, by inertia
Will want to maintain the castrating and toxic course of its trunk
Which makes its task difficult and conflicting

To you my dear Game Changer, Shape shifter, Light Bringer
Stand tall and let no one make you doubt
Take care of your ‘rarity’ as the most precious flower
Of Your Tree
You are the dream of all your ancestors

– Text inspired by Bert Hellinger

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