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The path of the divine masculine. October 2018

Insights of the masculine energy in the soul based/twin flame connection

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Are you experiencing a period of silence
Between you and your soul based/twin flame connection?
What is happening at this time with the divine masculine?

Under de surface
The masculine is in a process of change
Things are literally transforming
Falling apart in order to come together
In a more honest, authentic way

His head and his heart
Are in opposition right now
His head trying to dominate his heart
Working against each other
His intellect, reason and heart
Are tumbling over each other
Grappling for control right now


Heart, head and reason
Are complementary energies
And should work together
His thoughts at this time
Are controlling, leading the way
Which throws him out of balance

He is struggling between
Following his heart and following his head
The way forward for him right now
Is to surrender the need to control
Surrender the need to dominate
And to go into a space of openness
Of flow, of receptivity

Conceptualize twin flame love

The masculine is also struggling
To conceptualize the kind of love
The twin flame relationship is about
As society created a wacky belief system of what love is
Seeing love as possession, thinking co depency is love
The masculine feels confused about this
Having internalized societies’ belief system as love
The story he has created around love
Turns out, isn’t love

At this time, he is experiencing relationships
That challenge this belief system
He hasn’t quite figured out yet
What divine, true love is


The divine masculine is dealing with blocks in his awareness
In his physical reality to success
Doubting his own ability to succeed
Doubting his worthiness
As he may have internalized stories
Around his self worth concerning the kind of love he tasted with his twin
Self sabotaging beliefs and behavior
Contributing to his own failure in life
Having had opportunities in life
He does things to screw them up
Putting himself back
Sabotaging his success
Because of his limiting beliefs and behaviors
He needs to work on as we speak


The soul based connection
Of the twinflame relationship
Sparkes his inspiration
Makes him want to grow, transform
Makes him want to be a better person

At this time
The divine masculine has gotten the spark come to life in him
He is now learning how to create success out of this spark
He is re evaluating his life
The path he has taken so far
And figuring out what to do next

The spark is bringing in swift changes
Which may disorient him at this time
The work is done in silence
Work in progress
To be continued

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About The Author
Judith Kroon

Judith Kroon is a sparkly transformational presence, committed to empowering people and redefining reality. She writes about her own experiences in life, about transformational processes she works through, inner growth, things that spark her flame and about her twin flame journey. She writes to inspire. * Judith is a Soul Guide, an Intuitive Bodyworker/Guide, Healer, Lightworker, Wayshower, Sprinkler of Happy Vibes. * She is a free spirit, an empath, highly sensitive & intuitive, open minded, passionate, soft, intense, perseverant, powerful, vulnerable, in development, curious, inquisitive. * Judith learns and grows through her own experiences in life. They help her dive deep, process and transform, layer by layer, transmute and grow, expand, deeper and deeper into her True Self. She is a passionate advocate in our journey towards Self realization, Love, Self Love, Unconditional Love. * Judith is a Pisces, Red serpent, likes harmony, is a bridge builder.

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