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The Garden

A place to take a rest

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We are here to celebrate life
We are here to find and understand our true purpose
We are here to appreciate beauty and growth
We are here to imagine and to find fulfillment in our work
We are here to create
We are here to love ourself
We are here to leave something meaningful behind

No matter what path we take in life
Sooner or later we will come at a crossroad
From there, we can either continue our journey without rest
Or stop and take a break

After a long journey
Or after a long day
We all need a sanctuary of peace
Even if it takes an effort to build one
Because it takes a effort to take rest, to be still
It takes an effort to embrace silence

There is no hurry to finish our journey
Because no matter what distance we cross
Each step we take is still an infinity
We need to create a small paradise for ourselves
To heal, to reflect and rejuvenate
This secluded haven is for our solitude and stillness

Let Life breathe fresh air into our Hearts
Nourish our souls and pour blessings all over us
Its time to sit back and empty our minds of our worries
We all need a moment of respite
No matter how strong we are

Let this garden sanctuary bring us secret timelessness
Where man and Spirit become one
Where our soul is lit
Our love is awakened
And our prayers answered
Text inspired by Akiane Kramarik

Time for You Massage & Coaching
Is a wonderful place
To do just that


The Garden, painted by Akiane Kramarik

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About The Author
Judith Kroon

Judith Kroon is a sparkly transformational presence, committed to empowering people and redefining reality. She writes about her own experiences in life, about transformational processes she works through, inner growth, things that spark her flame and about her twin flame journey. She writes to inspire. * Judith is a Soul Guide, an Intuitive Bodyworker/Guide, Healer, Lightworker, Wayshower, Sprinkler of Happy Vibes. * She is a free spirit, an empath, highly sensitive & intuitive, open minded, passionate, soft, intense, perseverant, powerful, vulnerable, in development, curious, inquisitive. * Judith learns and grows through her own experiences in life. They help her dive deep, process and transform, layer by layer, transmute and grow, expand, deeper and deeper into her True Self. She is a passionate advocate in our journey towards Self realization, Love, Self Love, Unconditional Love. * Judith is a Pisces, Red serpent, likes harmony, is a bridge builder.

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