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Phoenix rising for the Divine Masculine

The process of the death and Rebirth of the divine masculine

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The divine masculine within us
And within the twin flame relationship
Are both going through
A huge transformation process

Of emotional purging
Death of the ego mind
Ending of relationships
Letting go of beliefs, patterns
Behaviors & lifestyle

They go through the process
Of Forgiving
Forgiving others
And Forgiving themselves

Learning to Be
In the Present
Away from the Past
And the Future

Finding their individuality
Their sovereignty and self worth
Finding peace and Love within
And for themselves

They learn to speak their truth
To Realign with their purpose
And with their Mission

The Divine Masculine goes
Through a process of Regeneration
Of Death and Rebirth
Phoenix rising from the ashes

Emotional purge

The masculine is dealing with
A lot of heavy emotions
Letting go of heavy burdens
They carried from the past
Healing from emotional wounds
Inflicted in their childhood and past relationships

Things in their lives are falling apart
Work that no longer fits
Relationships that served their purpose
Structures, belief system
Expectations and illusions
Come crashing down

They are detaching from drama
From things that take their energy
Finding the strength to rise
And remembering that this process
Is about emotional mastery
And of mastering the mind
In order to rise

To rise towards Love

As the masculines are being elevated
Raising their frequency
Integrating the physical into the spiritual
Their world as they knew it is crumbling down
As they are stepping it up in love
To raise their frequency
Towards the treasures of the heart
They are to open their Hearts, go within
To master Self love
And the love for their divine feminine

Returning to innocence
Integrating their inner child
Mastering their inner strength
Lightness of Being

Finding their individuality
Finding their voice
For they have so much to share
So much to offer to the world
They have so much love
So much beauty and wisdom
Knowledge and Love to give

The masculines want to be seen
For who they are
They are coming closer to their Heart
Learning to listen to their Heart

The old is being burnt
So they can step into the new
They hear the calling
To step into their mission
Phoenix rising from the ashes

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About The Author
Judith Kroon

Judith Kroon is a sparkly transformational presence, committed to empowering people and redefining reality. She writes about her own experiences in life, about transformational processes she works through, inner growth, things that spark her flame and about her twin flame journey. She writes to inspire. * Judith is a Soul Guide, an Intuitive Bodyworker/Guide, Healer, Lightworker, Wayshower, Sprinkler of Happy Vibes. * She is a free spirit, an empath, highly sensitive & intuitive, open minded, passionate, soft, intense, perseverant, powerful, vulnerable, in development, curious, inquisitive. * Judith learns and grows through her own experiences in life. They help her dive deep, process and transform, layer by layer, transmute and grow, expand, deeper and deeper into her True Self. She is a passionate advocate in our journey towards Self realization, Love, Self Love, Unconditional Love. * Judith is a Pisces, Red serpent, likes harmony, is a bridge builder.

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