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Wake up to You

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How Many of us
Live in a Constant State of Fear
Conditioned through Judgement
By Religion, by Society
And by our Parents who say

“This is so and so”
“You’re a good/bad boy/girl”
“Well, this isn’t coming”
“You got to earn this or that”

We are all conditioned in our minds
Whereas in Reality
We Are Deserving
We Are Worthy

Celebrate Your Uniqueness

We have great Worth
We ARE of incredible value
As Individual Unique Beings
Having a Human Experience
Here in this Beautiful Realm
Called Earth

We ARE One
We Are All Connected, Always
It’s just our Inability to Realise it
And to Embrace It
That Holds us Back


It’s difficult to grasp
As many of us in our Society
Struggle to Survive
In day to day life

How do I make enough money
To be able do to pay the rent
And to put groceries on the table

There’s no Time nor Energy
To Think About
How do I Assist Others
How do I Make a Difference
In the World


Start Small, take some time
10 minutes each day
To Sit Still
To Meditate
And to Reconnect

Remember that Connection
Remember Who You Are
Remember that Everything
Is in Divine Order

Let go

Let go of Fear
Let go of Contention
Let go of Doubt
And of Lack and Scarcity Thinking

You are Enough
There Is Enough
Of Resources, of Time and Money

Be You, That’s Enough

You Are Enough
By Simply Being You
By Showing up
In Light and Love
By Loving the People around you

Having Lots Or Little Money
Doesn’t Make One Happier
Money is Just Energy

Money is not Who You Are
Nor does Your Job Title
Or Marital Status
Your House Or Car
Define Who You Are

You are Not
Your Clothes
Your Shoes
Nor Your Partner

You Are That You Are


You Are All of It
You Are That You Are
You Are The Divine
You Are You

You Are Enough
Just the Way that You Are
You Are Your Contribution
To this Universe
Just By Being You
Remember that


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About The Author
Judith Kroon

Judith Kroon is a sparkly transformational presence, committed to empowering people and redefining reality. She writes about her own experiences in life, about transformational processes she works through, inner growth, things that spark her flame and about her twin flame journey. She writes to inspire. * Judith is a Soul Guide, an Intuitive Bodyworker/Guide, Healer, Lightworker, Wayshower, Sprinkler of Happy Vibes. * She is a free spirit, an empath, highly sensitive & intuitive, open minded, passionate, soft, intense, perseverant, powerful, vulnerable, in development, curious, inquisitive. * Judith learns and grows through her own experiences in life. They help her dive deep, process and transform, layer by layer, transmute and grow, expand, deeper and deeper into her True Self. She is a passionate advocate in our journey towards Self realization, Love, Self Love, Unconditional Love. * Judith is a Pisces, Red serpent, likes harmony, is a bridge builder.