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Indian Foot Massage

The Indian Foot Massage is a traditional Indian massage technique, where the bodyworker works with her feet, and keeps her balance by holding on to a rope. This way of working enables the bodyworker to use her full body weight for a powerful, strong and soft massage.

By working with the feet, the bodyworker is able to give deep, thorough pressure where necessary and  to cover the whole length of the client with long, continuous graceful strokes. This massage is done on a firm, supportive mat on the floor.

The Indian Foot Massage is perfect for a detoxing session of body, mind and spirit. It is also a great for maintaining suppleness in the body or for treating discomfort caused by stress or strenuous work. It is however, equally suitable as a relaxing and soothing treatment.

Feel welcome to come and experience this unique kind of bodywork. For an appointment, please call: 06 1339856