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Anne-Marie: Cherishing, warm, relaxing, healing... Wow! These words describe the massage I received from you today. Thank you dear Judith!

Nicole: My physical therapist recommended me your practice. What an incredibly special session it was. It is a pleasure meeting you and your way of touching is.... Heaven.

A. S.: Your strength lies in knowing exactly where you need to be. Words needn't be spoken. You know where to find the right spots. You know where you need to be and what is needed at that moment. Surreal!

M.: Thank you for your hands and energy, what a special experience. I know that if I can peel layer by layer with you, more will happen.

Roger: Your intuitive massage was the best treatment I ever experienced in my life. You take me traveling through various layers with your touch. And o my, your touch is nice and sensuous at times. Super great experience!

Ricardo G.: Last night, I slept for at least 7 hours non stop. Can't remember the last time I did sleep this long. Happy I met you. The relaxation session was wonderful. See you soon!

Iris: Your hands are heaven sent. Your touch is loving and made in full awareness

Sander G.: Your massage session was a blast. It did me good. Great to feel the impact, great to feel what your touch does. My physical and emotional reaction to your touch, going deep here and there and moving through brought sadness up in me, but also a very deep feeling of rest, freedom and surrender. I felt your soulful touch. I felt myself lying there, very aware and present. I didn't feel you move because of you having to massage, no technical tricks, but a touch in line with what IS in the moment. That's what made it feel so cosy, at home. And, ow, I would almost forget to mention that your session was above all incredibly enjoyable. Thank you! 🙂

Bert: Thank you for the wonderful session, again. Wow what we share: synergy, a great flow, oneness. Thank you Judith

Bas: Wow, what an amazing experience! I never experienced this kind of touch before. What a great sacred space. Truly amazing, this Journey you invited me on. I feel free and freed. Thank you.

B.: Dear Judith, the kashmir massage was soooo incredibly nice. I am still enjoying it as we speak. You are wonderful!

E.: I don't know what happened, but I walk a bit faster and everything goes way smoother. Dear Judith, if this feeling I feel continues, I'll be back for more next week. My wrist is stiff, but stings less.  (The next day) I haven't felt any pain in my wrist all day. It even looks less swollen. Thanks again!

Hubert: Your massage was a wonderful experience. Judith's really touches with care. It stirred me deeply. I'll be back!

Veronika: ‘This treatment is a-ma-zing! You just know exactly where to find the right spots that need tenderness, love and care. Wow, I am speechless. Thank you!

Grace: Jeez, I don't know, but ehm, who are you? Your touch is magical, incredibly loving, cherishing. The way you held me at some point during the session, and cradled me... I do this with my child. It felt like oooh, heaven! It was as if you were my mother in that moment.

Michel: Thank you, you with your magic hands...

Pie: You never cease to amaze me. After 7 years of regular appointments with you, each and every one of your sessions is different. Each time I think you outdid yourself, you surprise me just yet again. You have a special gift.

Ron: Golden hands! It was an incredibly relaxing session. I don't want to get up! This did me good. Thank you Judith!

G.: I felt super after your session. I'll be back for more intuitive sessions. You know exactly what I need.

Patrick G.: Great work. Your session did me good. I feel great, stronger, leaner. See you in a month!

B.: Thanks again for this super massage. My shoulders/neck thank you. 🙂 This intense session, the depths you looked for was exactly what I needed. I feel happy...

Andreas S: Due to stress at work, I gained 30 kilo in one year. Thankful to start my inner journey again, and love your guidance in this process. Amazing the way you know how and where to find the right spots that need attention. Your touch and talk did me good. See in within two weeks.

Hans van W. (restaurant Beluga): This was a special treatment. I don't feel touched quickly. You are the second bodyworker who stirred me during a massage session. Wow, very special. We need people like you in Maastricht. I'll be back.