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How to deal with mental Overwhelm and feeling Scattered

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Whenever I feel Overwhelmed, Restless
Energetically Scattered
Mind, body and Wantings
Spread All over the Place
I have a Large Array of Options
That help me Calm down and Regroup

What, to me, is my number one priority
Is to Get back
In to my Body
In to Me
Back to my Inner Stillness
Where my Wisdom, Being & Flow Reside

How I get back into my Body
Depends on
What feels right
In the moment

Ways Back to MySelf

To bring back
My awareness
Inside my temple
To bring back
Inner Calmness, Overview
And a Relaxed Demeanor

I Dance, I Shake, I Move
I Consciously Connect with
And Dive In to My Body

I Go in Nature
Walk bare feet
Through the forest
My Feet Consciously connecting
With the underground

Another possibility
Is to use my Voice
To work with Sound and Tone
Or I work with my drum or an instrument
As to work with Frequency
That feed the parts
Of my body
Or stuck emotions
That need attention

The Power of Breathing

What I also do
Is to sit down
To Quiet my Racing Mind
And to concentrate
On my Breathing

I Focus on my Breath
Bringing it slowly down
From my upper chest
Down, breath by breath
In to my lower Belly

I can work
With various possibilities
Of Breathing techniques
Grounding, chillin, Calming me

The Power of Meditation

Or I can sit with eyes closed
And go Out on an Inner Adventure
Focussing on meeting
Small parts of my body
One step At the time
Starting with my feet
And working my way up

I can visualize a sun
Above my head
And imagine
That all energy
I have given away
Or left behind
In Places, Situations and Meetings
Come back to me Now

I can listen
To a guided mediation
Or lie down on a bed of nails
Get a massage
Or take a bath

As you can see
Here you have
A little amount
Of Lots of possibilities
To calm restlessness

How do you deal with Overwhelm?

What do you do
To get in to your body
How do you help
To Quiet your mind
When it’s running rampant

How do you handle
Restlessness, chaos
Stuck emotions in your system

If you need advice
Or help in getting back to yourself
Let me know
I offer coaching sessions
Online or by phone

I look forward to meeting you


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