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A Few Hours After

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A Cloudy Head
Moments After You

You, Dear One to Me
Pulled the Plug
And Blocked me
Out of Your Life
Once Again

To Work
That Day
I Went

What was Needed
For And With
My Clients
All happy

I was Here
Foggy I Felt
In My Head

I Could Hear
What was Said
Interacting with my Clients

It Felt Though
As if Communicating
With A Glass Window
Standing Between
Me and the Other

I was Here
And I Wasn’t
I was Here
At the Office
And Out and About
Traveling Different Dimensions

My Body Was Here
And I Felt
My Awareness, My Soul
Floating Outside My Body

Yes, this Floating
A Bit Above My Body
I Recognize

Was it Dissociation
Or Whatever it is Called

Or was It
When Heftiness Occurs
Between Me and You
Dear One

This Thing
Or Something
An Energy
That Pulls Me Out
Of My Body?

I Observe
And Am Aware
Ah, Yess, That’s it
I recognize
The Pull

So, In To Nature
I Went
Shoes Of
Bare Feeted
I Walked

Lots of Energy
Around My Head
Many Thoughts
Mambo Jambo
Tumbling Over
One Another

Through the Water Stream
Like A Child
With My Toes
Yihaaa, In The Mudd
Feeling the Varieties
Of The Soil I Walk On

Ahh, What a Bliss
To Make The Descent

Out of My Over Active Head
Back Down
Into My Body

Realigning My
Head, Body and Feelings
And Slowly
Sinking back
With My awareness
In to my Body

It’s ok My Love
It’s Safe
You Are Ok
The Feels
You can Handle

Take Care
Of You
Feel Your Upper Back

The light moments
Of Heaviness
In Your Heart
You Know This
You’ve Been There
Dealt With This Situation

Open to Love
Attached to Nothing

Doing Great
You’ve Got This
You’ve Been There
All Is Well

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About The Author
Judith Kroon

Judith Kroon is a sparkly transformational presence, committed to empowering people and redefining reality. She writes about her own experiences in life, about transformational processes she works through, inner growth, things that spark her flame and about her twin flame journey. She writes to inspire. * Judith is a Soul Guide, an Intuitive Bodyworker/Guide, Healer, Lightworker, Wayshower, Sprinkler of Happy Vibes. * She is a free spirit, an empath, highly sensitive & intuitive, open minded, passionate, soft, intense, perseverant, powerful, vulnerable, in development, curious, inquisitive. * Judith learns and grows through her own experiences in life. They help her dive deep, process and transform, layer by layer, transmute and grow, expand, deeper and deeper into her True Self. She is a passionate advocate in our journey towards Self realization, Love, Self Love, Unconditional Love. * Judith is a Pisces, Red serpent, likes harmony, is a bridge builder.